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We are happy to offer our Flash music player for websites . Try it out – it’s free!

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A modern vector based MP3 Player, perfect for your Flash or HTML based site.

Easy to set up and doesn’t require Adobe Flash or any web design knowledge to use. It works using XML files which can be edited using notepad or similar program, you’ll be set up in minutes.

Description: The Streaming MP3 Player allows you to add mp3 files to your projects. You can define the URL of the mp3 file and your desired color in the configuration file. The playing track can be paused and resumed by clicking on the player. The equalizer that comes with the player reads the sound spectrum bytes as the song goes.

These great options alow you to place the mp3 player player at the top or  at the bottom or your web site effortlessly.

ActionScript Version: AS3, Opens With: Flash CS3 (9+), Flash CS4 (10+), Published Size: 32kb, Resolution: Resizable

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add music to your website! is a Good idea . You've come to the right place. Our Audio player require very little knowledge of HTML . Most modern browsers will recognize and play audio files (.wav, .mp3, .mid, etc.) and supply a simple player with user friendly basic controls.

AW PLAYER aLLOW to easily add music to your website or blog by simply embedding a dynamic music player directly into your pages and adding menus, playlists, even album art (or add your own images). Artits, Bnads, producers, Musicians and music lovers alike can benefit from advances in audio and internet technologies designed to enrich the web with fast, highly compressible music downloads and interactive audio players.


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