AudioWatermarker V5

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It's your Music, AudioWatermark it

AudioWatermarker V5 Offers Audio Watermarking solutions helping Composers, Producers, Bands, Artists and Digital Music store protect their music, get paid for their music, and distribute their music on the net. use an audio watermark on any of your music that you publish to the web. Our comprehensive and pratical software creates audiowatermarked files .More info

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We audiomark your Work

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Send us your music, we willl AudiWaterMark them for you

When Music is streamed on the net, it can be downloaded and recorded. Making it available for sharing and illegal use. Mixing short recorded messages of the song title, your artist name and domain name within the music is extremely useful protecting your audio files. More info

















XML MP3 player

Flash Music Player for Free by

We are happy to offer our Flash music player for websites . Try it out – it’s free!


A modern vector based XML MP3 Player, perfect for your Flash or HTML based site.


Easy to set up and doesn’t require Adobe Flash or any web design knowledge to use. It works using XML files which can be edited using notepad or similar program, you’ll be set up in minutes.

Place the AW Player, an mp3 player  at the top or  at the bottom or your web site effortlessly.

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If you’ve ever needed to add some music tracks to your website, you’ll know that a simple and stylish player can make all the difference.

Our great music players allow you to embed music with a minimum amount of time.

Audiowatermarker offers a quality XLM MP3 player for you to add to your website or blog!