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Audio editor - Audio Recorder


Our main goal has always been to develop useful and stable Windows software - mainly Audio Type Solutions (Audio Editors, Audio Recorders,
Audio Conversion, Text 2 Speech, Specialized Audio Tools, etc.).

AudioWtarmarker V5 does easy and pratical Bulk audio watermarking.

We offer 'traditional desktop apps' that are compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8 (32 and 64-bit). This may seem "old hat" but we feel that
this type app far exceeds capabilities of the new Windows 8 "Metro" or "Andriod" apps. In other words.

we develop solutions for folks that are serious about getting something done via software!

We know that in these times you have many choices of similar products that will do, more or less, the same thing but Audiowatermarker V5 has separated itself from the over-abundance of "look a like" products, "me too" services, and "canned" support. A "no nonsense" company that says what it means and means what it says!

We are unique, you gonna love us



Here at Digital Audio Quatro We love your product, it is exactly what we needed. Thanks

David - CTO, Digital Audio Quatro

As a professional composer, i am more than delighted with AudioWatermark V5. Easy and user friendly, I have watermarked some 500 mp3s in just one click. Thank you

John - CEO, Music Media company
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Web Design

Audio watermark your work with Audiowatermarker V5

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Our script is simple and practical .

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We stand behind you, any quetsions contact us .

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We are a team of Professional audio coders .

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Promote your music with watermarked files .